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The future needs of the domestic plastic products market forecast

Date:9/25/2017 03:34 PM

The future needs of the domestic plastic products market mainly in the aspects of agricultural plastic products, packaging, plastic products, building plastic products, industrial, transportation, and engineering plastics.

  According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, China's horticultural cultivation with plastic film, forage film plus of ammoniated film, silage membrane and stretch film, plastic nursery container, shade nets, fishing nets, foam plate, is about plastic products of 300 million tons.

  In addition, the demand for agricultural plastic water-saving equipment also need a variety of plastic water-saving devices, such as various types of pipe and pipe fittings, irrigation, sprinklers, impervious film, geotextile woven 170 million tons per year.

  Plastic packaging as the main packaging materials is an inevitable trend. China is currently more than 50% of the cement packing of composite woven minerals, synthetic resin, crude salt, sugar, cotton and wool to the extensive use of plastic packaging.

  In addition, our food packaging at least annually 1.1 million tons of a variety of plastic substrates.

  Food, beverages, medicines, cleaning products, cosmetics, chemical products, such as the rapid development of China, there is a great demand for them on the composite film, packaging films, containers, turnover box, plastic trays and other packaging products. There are convenient food, dairy products, canned food, MSG, candy, cookies and other needs of millions of tons of a variety of packaging materials. Great market for pharmaceutical packaging. Taken together, the total demand for packaging materials products of approximately 5.5 million tons per year.

  Plastic building materials, including plastic pipe, plastic windows and doors, building waterproof materials, insulation materials, decoration materials, a wide range of uses in construction engineering, municipal engineering, villages and towns, and industrial construction. Plastic building materials not only can replace traditional building materials such as wood, steel, and energy-saving materials, protect the ecological advantages. "Eleventh Five-Year" period of plastic building materials will be expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of 15%.

  Engineering plastics is the fastest growing category in the plastics industry, as China's rapid economic development, its scope of application and the increasing number. In the field of products, including transportation, transportation industry with a plastic, electronic, electrical, information industry such as engineering plastics. Expected to 2010, only the demand of automotive plastics will reach 1 million tons.

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